mistakes that make you fat

10 Common Mistakes That Are Making You Fat

Believe it or not, mistakes are made that make you fat. And when it comes to getting on the scale, they don’t let you see the results you were looking for. Apart from what you eat there are more things that have a negative influence so that you cannot see that number go down on the happy scale. Then I number them :


1- Do Not Include Protein In Breakfast

One of the mistakes that make you fat is not eating protein for breakfast.

Breakfast should consist of protein (my favorite is the egg, but it can be any other), carbohydrates (oatmeal is the ideal, it is very complete, I already talked about its benefits ) but not in excess, the amount will depend on our objective and our features.

Also, a good breakfast should contain healthy fats, such as nuts and avocado.

Remember that protein keeps you satiated longer, and you don’t starve all morning. Also, consuming protein makes you spend 10% more with the digestion of these, so the metabolism speeds up a little.

2- Eat Salads Believing That They Are Very Healthy And Low In Calories

Salads are usually calorie bombs, although we think they are healthy and light.

The problem is in the seasoning and sometimes the ingredients that are added to it.

You should avoid sauces, fatty cheeses, fried onion, or Bacon, Better to add chicken (without batter), turkey, tuna, tofu, etc to complete those salads. Another tip that I can give you is that if you are going to order the salad in a restaurant, ask for the dressing separately so that you can decide the amount of it.

3- Not knowing product labels

According to a study by the University of Santiago de Compostela together with the universities of Arkansas and Tennessee, if you read the labels you could lose more weight. They quantified up to 4 kg less in women who do read the labels.

Do not stick with the words light, low fat, or natural because the truth is in the fine print on the labels.

Many times it puts the word “integral” in front of it, but if you look at the ingredients later, it turns out that it has only 20% of integral, for example, and for it to be a good integral product it should have at least 70% of flour integral. One thing to keep in mind on labels is that the fewer ingredients they have, the better.

And if they don’t have a label, even better, because those would be real food, real food.

4- Not Chewing Well

Eating fast, watching television, barely chewing, can make us fat.

Some say you have to do it 30 times, others 40.

What is clear is that you have to enjoy each bite, savor it, pay attention to the texture. This is called mindful eating.

This helps us so that the food reaches the stomach well crushed, thus facilitating digestion.

Eating with all the senses focused on what we put in our mouth will make us eat more slowly and thus give the brain time to send the signals of satiety to the stomach and thus not overeat.

5- Sleeping Little Or Sleeping Poorly

Believe it or not, another mistake that makes you fat is poor sleep, apart from generating anxiety.

By sleeping less, hormones are disrupted, included those that control weight, so if you do not sleep your metabolism is altered, we eat worse, and, therefore, we gain weight. Ideally, it is between 7 and 9 hours.

Also, keep in mind that restful sleep is achieved if you fall asleep a couple of hours before 12 at night. This way you will go to sleep when your body is more willing to rest thanks to the amount of melatonin it is producing.

6- Drinking Excess Water With Meals And Also Not Drinking Before Meals

Water obviously won’t make you fat, but it will make your abdomen swell and feel heavier if you drink too much water at meals. The opposite happens if you drink a couple of glasses before eating, about 20 minutes before. This water causes a feeling of satiety and helps reduce the subsequent intake of calories.

7- Eat Very Little

Eating little or following a restrictive diet also influences weight gain and is another of the mistakes that make you gain weight.

Our body is prepared to defend itself in case of not receiving enough nutrients. It goes into the saving mode, decreases the basal metabolism (caloric expenditure at rest) and consequently, all food that enters your body accumulates by expending very little energy.

So remember to eat according to what your body needs, no more, no less.

8- Eating Too Many Times

It has always been recommended to eat 5 times a day, but the nutrition should not be so generalized and more personalized.

Not everyone tolerates those 5 meals a day, nor is they comfortable eating them.

Therefore we have to listen to our bodies. He will tell us how many times we should eat, without starving or eating all the time. Because you could eat more than your body needs. And you don’t let digestion go smoothly either if you’re biting every moment.

If you want, you can also test if intermittent fasting is for you and helps you lose weight.

9- Be Wary of Fats

I have already told you how beneficial fats are to lose weight, as long as they are healthy fats, such as nuts, olive oil, avocado. These fats are needed for everything to work properly and they also fill us up. Of course, always in moderate quantities. So give them a chance and include them in your day-to-day, you will notice the difference.

10- Dinner After 9

Eating dinner before bed takes you away from reaching your healthy weight. Allow 3 hours to pass before going to bed, to do the digestion properly and give it time to fast to recover until the next meal. Fasting has been shown to be effective when it comes to losing weight, so 12 – 16 hours of fasting are ideal for you to achieve your goal of seeing your clothing size drop.

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