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4-day Menu To Lose Weight

Do you know when you have many recipes at your fingertips but you don’t know how to distribute them in a menu to lose weight?

This is how I have felt many times, that is why this post was on the publication calendar for a long time and the time has come to put it into practice, write it and give it to you.

This menu to lose weight consists of 4 days, with healthy recipes distributed between breakfast, lunch, and dinner so that in your next 4 days you can start eating healthy and losing weight.

This post does not include new recipes but is a compilation of the recipes already published on the blog, distributed so that they form a menu to lose weight, do you have paper and a pen to start creating the menu for the next few days?

Come on, go running for it, I’ll wait for you.

You already have it? Take note.

DAY 1:


For breakfast, there is nothing better than starting with oatmeal, both to feel full and to lose weight. So this breakfast is ideal.


You will love this recipe because it sure has not crossed your mind that you can eat lasagna and lose weight, but yes, you can.


For today’s dinner, a recipe that will surprise you, because if you do it correctly you will not know that you are eating cauliflower. Try it for your children and tell me

  • Cauliflower rice 3 delicacies.

DAY 2:


This breakfast is one of my favorites and also that of my daughters. Delicious and healthy. Suitable for weight loss if you pay attention to the labels of the bread you are going to buy.

  • French toast.


Are you one of those who has to eat out carrying the Tupper? This food is ideal for this, it can be eaten hot, warm, and cold. As you like the most.

  • Chicken and rice salad.


I know that at dinner two days ago I played cauliflower, but believe it or not, it is a versatile food and its flavor can be easily camouflaged if you do not like this food.

So today it’s pizza

  • Cauliflower pizza.

DAY 3:


Back to breakfast oatmeal with these delicious easy and healthy pancakes.

  • Oatmeal pancakes.


The potato omelette is an exquisite meal and you are sure to love it. Beyond the debate with onion or without onion, here I propose it with zucchini. Do you dare to try it to reduce its calories?

  • Potato and zucchini omelette.


I love Arabic food, I add spices to everyone, in addition to their properties they add a delicious flavor to any food, who said that food to lose weight is bland? You won’t see it here.

  • Arabic style spiced chicken and veggie burgers.

Day 4:

For day 4 I do not link the recipes here, what I do is put you a post of a one-day menu that is also published on the blog. Here you have a full day of meals.

Wait no more and start cooking and eating healthy to lose weight.

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