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5 Secrets To Lose Weight And Eat Healthy

Despite having counted the keys to losing weight several times, or what to do to eat healthily, there are still people who ask me what they have to do, so it is worth telling again 5 secrets to achieve healthy eating and lose weight.

Because here I do not promote losing weight without more, for me it is not viable. I don’t want people who read me to go on a diet and/or not worry about their health.

I seek to raise awareness about good nutrition to lead a healthy lifestyle, a change in diet to take care of health, and from there, adapt it to each one so that weight can be lost.

But I assure you that with the basic changes of diet you have a lot of cattle. That’s how I started and I got it, and that’s how you can do it too.

And not only that, but when you go on a diet, the first thing you do is cook different meals, one for yourself and one for the rest of the family, so the time you spend in the kitchen increases and that, today in day, it is getting more and more complicated.

So, eating a healthy diet will not only affect you in the sense of taking care of your health and losing weight, but you will take care of yourself and also your time if you apply the healthy meal prep.


And so that you can get going as soon as possible I will not be going around the bush to lengthen the article, let’s go directly to the 5 secrets to eat healthily and lose weight.

Eat whole-grain carbohydrates

You do not have to delete them, I have said it on several occasions.

Carbohydrates are essential for the body, they are necessary for growth, maintenance, and also for physical and mental activity.

And we have the idea that they get fat stuck in the head. A few weeks ago, a client told me that it was difficult for her to include them for that very reason because the first thing they tell you when you go on a diet is to eliminate them from your day-to-day.

And it is that these beliefs are so ingrained that it is difficult for us to change them. And I speak in the first person because it happened to me too.

Take off the blindfold and lose the fear of trying different things than what you have been doing. Overall, if what you do is not giving you results, why be reluctant to change? There is no reason to keep doing it.

Just keep in mind that they have to be whole, not refined. The refined ones do not contribute anything, except a brutal increase in insulin. In contrast, whole grains have more fiber, vitamins, and minerals, and are absorbed more slowly than refined ones.


TIP: Include oatmeal in your breakfasts, it is the best way to start the day, you will immediately notice its benefits.


Add protein to at least 3 meals

Consuming protein in all or almost all meals will make you stay satiated for longer, avoiding that uncontrolled desire to eat that sometimes appears from not having eaten enough in the previous meal. Proteins help you in this regard.

Apart from that, they slightly increase metabolism, although it is a little, it contributes to it so this fact should not be wasted.

Include vegetables in at least 2 meals

This is already known, but even so, there are people who still resist it.

They are essential, there is no negotiation here.

I know that there are many people who have a hard time eating them, who do not like them, or who only like one or two different vegetables and end up getting tired of eating them often.

So what remains is to test and test. Make different recipes, not hide behind the “I don’t like this vegetable, so I don’t try it.”

In my personal experience, which is what I can tell you most closely, is that before becoming independent I hardly ate vegetables, at university, I eat many salads, and as I said before, I ended up getting tired of always eating the same ones.

Once I became independent, little by little I was trying new recipes, including new vegetables and ways to cook them, and even more so when I was a mom who got more serious with vegetables.

Now, I eat them in different ways. So you can do it too. Buy them in small quantities and gradually include them, you will be surprised at the result.

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