5 steps to meal prep

5 Steps To A Successful Meal Prep

Meal prepping is basically preparing meals in advance, but we not only have to stay there, because if you want it to be successful meal prep, you have to follow a series of steps to be effective.

You can set several goals with this meal prepping, from doing it to save time during the week, to achieving your fitness goals if you want to define your body.

Another goal is to have food ready to take to work in case you have to eat there.

Or also to lose weight, because planning meals and having them done makes you not eat the first thing you find and that is usually not healthy, but you also become more aware of what you have to eat to achieve that goal.

And after this introduction let’s see the steps:

5 steps to a successful meal prep

1. Plan Your Meals:

You have to take into account how many meals you will make at home and how many outside, because depending on this you will need more or fewer ingredients, or also because you have to know which meals you have to take away from home because not all of them are kept the same and are used for it.

Be realistic about the meals you want to make. This is not the time to try a lot of new recipes.

My recommendation is that one or two meals a week maximum be free or to try new recipes, so you know how long they will take and be able to include another week in your planning. Remember that with meal prep what you are going to gain is the time during the week because it will cook for a couple of hours on Sunday afternoon or whenever you choose.

If you want to learn more about it, I have a course so that in 30 days you will know how to cook in a short time, create menus and lose weight.

2. Buy What You Need to Avoid Overspending:

Now it’s time to make the shopping list:

Go back to the planner where you have written the meals and check the ingredients you need.

Now check the ones you have in the fridge and pantry and you can use them.

From here write the shopping list with those you need for those meals, no more, no less.

With this, you make sure you do not buy more things than necessary because you know exactly what you are going to eat. Remember that improvisation in terms of meals does not usually go well.

3. Prepare and Cook in Advance:

You have to cook one or two days a week, that is up to you, because it also depends on the meals, some last longer than others.

I cook all lunches and dinners on Sunday afternoons until Friday. On the weekends I leave you free to eat whatever we like that day or meals that are better to do at the moment like a delicious paella.

4. Keep What is Cooked:

The first thing is to have a suitable, airtight, and BPA-free (bisphenol A) Tupperware.

The second thing is to know the times of conservation of the food, in this post you will know how to preserve the vegetables.

And with this, decide if you want to keep it in the fridge or better in the freezer.

5. Enjoy Your Free Time During The Week:

And now to enjoy free time.

Tell me, how would you use that time you earn a week because you no longer have to cook every day?

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