5 tips to protect your heart

5 Tips To Protect Your Heart

Did you know that most cardiovascular diseases can be prevented by changing your habits and routines? Tobacco, unbalanced diets, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, and excessive alcohol consumption are some of the factors that alter the functioning of the heart and increase the risk of suffering from a condition of this type.

It is important to consider that these diseases are the result of the sum of different components: genetic predispositions, environmental factors, and lifestyle. While some variables cannot be altered, many others can. For this, it is important to be informed and aware to prevent and take care of our bodies.

We share 5 tips to protect your heart:

  1. Say no to tobacco: Chemicals in cigarettes can damage the heart, blood vessels, and arteries, causing a build-up of plaque. In this way, there is an increase in blood pressure and heart rate, increasing the chances of blood clots.
  2. Exercise daily: Doing 30 minutes of moderate aerobic activity a day helps you stay active and control your weight. In turn, it helps reduce the chances of other conditions that put extra strain on the heart, such as high blood pressure and cholesterol, diabetes, and obesity.
  3. Eat a healthy diet: it is key to follow a diet rich in fruits and vegetables to avoid hypertension. On the one hand, foods high in sodium, sugar, saturated fat, and trans fat should be avoided. On the other hand, it is advisable to increase the consumption of omega3 fatty acids, such as fish or vegetable fats, to reduce cholesterol. Also, limiting alcohol consumption is an important factor in a balanced diet.
  4. Quality sleep: the vast majority of adults need seven to nine hours of sleep per night to get a good rest and for the brain and all organs to function properly. In turn, getting enough sleep helps control weight to stay vital.
  5. Manage stress: Finding beneficial alternative methods of stress relief and regulation is key. Exercise, meditation or simply practicing your favorite hobby will help you reduce your worries and stress levels by reducing their impact on your heart and your health in general.

By implementing these five tips, developing healthy habits, and leading an active lifestyle, you can reduce the chances of suffering from cardiovascular disease. At the same time, it is important that you carry out the necessary medical check-ups and studies, always being supported by a specialized professional. And you, have you already started to take care of your heart?

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