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5 Tricks To Lose Weight Without Starving

We are used to the fact that in any type of diet that we do, food restricts us so much that in the end, we end up starving.

This is something that we do not like, and it is completely normal.

Who wants to be starving just for the sake of losing weight? Surely no one.

That is why you have to put diets aside and start eating in an orderly, healthy way and without so many restrictions.

Because losing weight and being satisfied, satiated, are not incompatible. On the contrary, it can be achieved and I will show you.

5 tricks to lose weight without starving

1. Fill Your Plates With Protein.

Proteins are the ones that will give you the most satiety.

By including them in your main dishes of the day such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner, will make you go through the day without hunger by keeping you more satiated.

And if you also include them in the mid-morning and mid-afternoon, if you do these meals, much better.

In addition, our body, when digesting proteins, slightly increases caloric expenditure and although it is very little, it is always better than nothing, right?

2. Say Yes To Vegetables.

This is nothing new.

Vegetables should be present in your day to day for obvious health reasons.

They are also essential for when you want to lose weight because by filling your plates with vegetables and eating more of them, you get more satiated.

In addition, they are your allies to lose weight without starving, because in case a meal does not fill you much and you want to eat more, you can add a little more vegetables without adding hardly any calories.

3. Include Oatmeal In Your Breakfast.

Although it is not essential, it is a great food to help you lose weight.

In addition, if you combine it with proteins such as eggs, it is a perfect combo to start the day with energy, satiated, and without going hungry.

Oats, among many of its benefits, I like to highlight its satiating power.

4. Drink Water.

Many times, as soon as the hunger worm begins to bite us, we start to eat, and usually, it is not very healthy what we want to put in our mouth at those times.

Besides, having healthy snacks on hand for when this happens, I recommend that you first drink a glass of water.

Why? Because it often happens that we are a little dehydrated and the brain interprets it as being hungry, although what happens is really that you are thirsty.

Therefore, try to drink a little water, if that feeling of hunger passes, you already know that it was thirsty that you had. If it doesn’t go away, then go for fresh fruit or a handful of natural nuts.

5. Eat Healthy Fats.

Lose the fear of fats. They are not your enemies.

The healthy fats found in nuts or avocados, for example, help you stay full and not hungry. So they are highly recommended foods to consume mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

And if you add the fiber of the fruit to these healthy fats, you will be satisfied for longer and without hunger.

A very good option is an apple and almonds. It’s my favorite combo.

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