Brain Gym

8 Tips For A Good Brain Gym

Over the years, a decrease in muscle and brain capacity is common. However, it is not irreversible since this kind of deterioration can be controlled to achieve a better quality of life.

Just like physical training helps build muscle mass, many studies argue that following a healthy lifestyle and regular mental exercise can increase cognitive ability.

Mind and body in balance

Eating a balanced diet of good quality fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereals, protein, and energy is essential. In addition, it is advisable to reduce alcohol consumption and stay physically active.

As an added encouragement, there are other practices that will help you improve your mental skills. The most important thing is that the exercises you do offer something new and challenging for your brain. Thus, you will be able to keep it active and agile.

We share some simple ideas that you can incorporate into your daily routine to get your brain out of its “comfort zone”:

  1. Drive home by a different route.
  2. Brush your teeth with the opposite hand.
  3. Play crosswords and other word games.
  4. Put your memory to the test. Make a list (shopping or to-do) and memorize it. An hour later, see how many points you remember.
  5. Learn to play a musical instrument: experiencing something new and complex over a long period of time is ideal for preventing mental aging.
  6. Do mental math – try to solve problems without the help of a pencil or calculator. Try to do it while walking.
  7. Learn a new language.
  8. Challenge your taste buds: When you eat, try to identify individual ingredients in the food.

With these simple tips, you will be able to maintain your physical and mental vitality to take advantage of every moment and enjoy quality time. And you, do you dare to challenge your brainpower?

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