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Don’t Eat Better, Stop Eating Worse

Once I read Julio Basulto say: Don’t eat better, stop eating worse.

On many occasions, we begin to include all those foods that suddenly become fashionable for their multitude of benefits, for their help when it comes to losing weight.

And we eat all of them without leaving aside many others that do harm our health.

Returning to the article that I link above, Julio Basulto tells us about a study whose conclusion is that it is more beneficial to stop consuming unhealthy foods, or at least reduce them than to increase healthy ones.

And it is that including healthier foods in our diet such as whole grain cereals, vegetables, fruits, legumes, and nuts, can reduce the risk of mortality by 56%.

However, that same study says that when consuming foods such as red meat, processed or sugary drinks, the risk of mortality rises.


Based on this, the phrase: “Don’t eat better, stop eating worse,” takes on all its meaning.

Therefore, you have to make changes in your diet, from an unhealthy one to a healthier one.

Step By Step Towards A Healthier Diet.

The first step would be to start reducing unhealthy foods, all those processed, sugary drinks, red meat …

To make it easier for you, go doing it little by little. You can set goals or mark them on the calendar to motivate yourself.

For example, first eliminate sugary drinks, if you drink 3 of these drinks a day, try to reduce them to 1, and then leave them to very occasional consumption.

After a while without them, go to another food, processed, for example, and so on with everything that is considered unhealthy.

When you have managed to eliminate or reduce them from your day-to-day, start consuming more vegetables and fruits, then increase the consumption of legumes, substitute refined cereals for whole-grain ones.

Swap fried or salted nuts for roasted or natural ones.


The order does not matter a bit, it is an example that I have given you. The point is to make these changes little by little to make them last in the end.

And no, nothing happens because one day you eat a little pizza, the problem is when this type of food becomes common on a daily basis.

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