how to fall asleep during hot nights

How To Fall Asleep During Hot Nights

A good rest is essential to be healthy and vital and have the courage to fulfill daily responsibilities and activities. By sleeping the necessary hours you will recharge energy and you will be able to enjoy every moment.

Many times the heat can generate discomfort that hinders sleep and well-being at night. We share some tips to stay fresh and get better rest:

Keep Your Bedroom Dark

Even more so, if it receives a lot of sun during the afternoon. Also, it is important to keep blinds down and curtains closed to prevent heat from entering from outside.

Use The Fan Strategically

Place a bottle or container of cold water or ice behind the fan. In this way, you will make the air come out cooler. Remember that, if you turn on the air conditioning, it must remain at 24ºC to make efficient use of energy.

Chill Your Sheets

Store your bedding in a bag in a cool, dry place. It can be in a closet or storage space that is dark. In addition, it is very useful to wear pajamas that are made of fresh and light fabrics so that the skin breathes and does not perspire.

Shower With Lukewarm Water Before Bed

The very cold water generates a reactivation of the organism and increases the sensation of heat. Additionally, you can place cold clothes on your forehead and/or have a glass of a light, refreshing drink.

If You Live In A House With Several Floors, Sleep On The Ground Floor

Spaces will stay cooler as cold air tends to stay below.

Light Dinner

Hot, heavy meals overload the stomach and force the body to generate more heat to digest.

With these simple tips, you can stop tossing and turning and achieve a quality, deep and restful sleep that allows you to enjoy and make the most of your days. Tell us, how do you get a good night’s sleep in summer?

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