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How To Lose Weight Without Dieting

Perhaps you have come this far because I have appeared on Pinterest, or you follow me on Instagram, but most likely you have searched Google or another search engine for “how to lose weight” or “how to lose weight” and here you are, wherever you arrive from the Anyway, you’ve come here for something.

I suppose you are looking to lose weight, effectively, without a rebound or yo-yo effect.

And you are in the right place, in this post I will give you all the information so that you lose weight in a healthy and lasting way, because here we talk about health, from a change in diet.

So let’s get down to it, take a pencil and paper because we started.

We are used to it, and I say we are because it also happened to me at the time, that to lose weight you have to diet yes or yes, with no other options. But you have to turn this around, because no one, not even you, wants to lose weight by starving and then regain the weight loss like me, right?

Why Not Diet To Lose Weight?

A hypocaloric diet does help you lose weight, but with these diets, you reduce the calories you eat so much that even if you lose weight with them, they also make it so that when you reach your weight, you stop the diet and return to your old habits. weight gain again, the dreaded yo-yo effect.

But there are more consequences of dieting for weight loss, let’s see which ones:

  • You Don’t Learn To Eat:

It is very easy to have a set menu and recipes to lose weight, but what will happen when that menu is finished? or what will happen when you have reached the weight you wanted?

You will eat again as before going on a diet, you will return to the same habits, you will eat the same foods … this happens because you have not learned to eat and you have spent a month, or the time that has passed, eating a menu based on some dishes concrete that later you will no longer follow.


  • Metabolism Slows Down:

When you start one diet after another, your body has eventually gotten used to not taking in too many calories, so it goes into savings mode, and there comes a point where you stagnate and no longer lose weight.

Your body is programmed to survive and if you don’t give it food, why is it going to burn calories? It would be going against its nature, remember that we are designed to survive, and if you give it few calories, your body preserves them and saves them in case there is no more tomorrow. This is very common in low-calorie diets.


  • You Go Hungry:

Since you have not learned to eat, you do not know that to lose weight it is not necessary to starve.

And you know that when you go hungry you get irritable, and if you have been feeling that way for several days you end up attacking the refrigerator and eating the first thing you catch and then feeling guilty for skipping your diet.

And yes, you can lose weight without starving.

Later I will tell you how you can achieve this.


  • You Suffer Rebound Effect:

This is based on the principle of “not learning to eat” when you stop the diet and go back to eating as you did before, what do you think will happen? You will regain the lost weight, you will have a rebound effect because you will continue to eat unhealthy if you have not changed your habits and have only dedicated yourself to eat what you have been told to eat.


Why Is Losing Weight Fast Not Ideal?

Another search that is often done on the Internet is “how to lose weight fast.”

Quick and non-durable solutions are sought. This becomes a problem because, in the end, you are playing with your health.

What is the use of losing 3 kg in 5 days? To go to that planned event, a wedding, a birthday or any other event, you can lose weight very quickly, but if you have read the previous section you already know that dieting and much more, if they are very strict, does not help much because it is a lot better to change the focus and think how can I lose weight in a lasting way? Doing it quickly ensures a yo-yo effect, but doing it in a lasting way, even if it is slower, ensures a change in diet, a weight loss little by little until you reach the desired one and know how to maintain it afterward.

What Is Better To Lose Weight Or Reduce The Size?

Sometimes, among my clients, the question arises as to whether to lose weight or lose size. When asked what they think they almost always tell me to lose weight because this ensures you lose size. But it’s not always like this. You may be exercising and following a slightly hypocaloric eating plan and not losing weight, but you are tall.

Muscle weighs more than fat, but it is less bulky, so you will not be weighing less but you will be reducing size.

Even so, even if the number that the scale reflects is not what you were looking for, keep in mind that if you have reduced size it is that you have lost fat, so, point to you for having achieved it.

Therefore, your goal has to be to lose fat percentage rather than lose weight.

Also, that by reducing your fat percentage you are improving your health, not just aesthetics.


How To Stay Motivated To Lose Weight?

If there is something that is lost before weight, it is motivation, right?

For this reason and so that you do not get discouraged, it is important first to know why you want to lose weight. Knowing why you are doing it is more motivating than just thinking about wanting to lose weight.

So I encourage you to make a list of 5-10 reasons why you want to lose weight. Then, among those reasons you have written, choose the most important, the one that really makes you move and act.

Once you have it, make it visible, write it all over the place, on your work desk, on wallpaper for your computer or mobile phone, a post-it on the bathroom mirror, the closet, or even on the refrigerator door.

This will make sure you don’t forget why and it will be much easier to reach your goal.


How To Lose Weight without Dieting, Without Starving, and without Stop Eating?

Sounds difficult? Do not worry, it is not so much, it can be achieved. I tell you how.

  • Changes Little By Little:

The first and main thing is to make changes little by little, it is useless to go crazy changing things in your diet because you will end up giving up and throwing in the towel.

Set small, specific, realistic goals with a deadline.

For example: instead of “I want to eat more vegetables”, write “for lunch and dinner I will eat a quarter of a plate for 7 days”, and then say “I will increase the number of vegetables until I reach half a plate”. Do you understand? When you say I want to eat more vegetables, you are leaving it to chance, how much are more vegetables? When will you eat them? On the other hand, by setting the second objective, you know how much, when, and for how long.

Once you’ve met one goal, go for another. Remember, little by little.

  • Eat Every 3 or 4 Hours

It is not an unbreakable rule, because it is true that there are women for whom this does not work, but during these years I have been able to verify that this is one of the things that works best for most of these women.

By eating every 3 or 4 hours, you slightly increase your metabolism and above all, it helps you not starve. But beware, no big feasts, there are 3 meals and 2 snacks.

  • Choose Natural Foods:

Now the real food movement is on the rise and how great that more and more people are joining in!

If you want to lose weight, this movement is fantastic because stop eating all the ultra-processed makes your diet improve.

This leads you to choose more natural foods, real food, which does not carry labels, so in addition to losing weight, your diet will improve.

  • Perfect Food Combo:

Depending on how you distribute your food in each of your meals, it can make you hungrier during the day or fill you up more.

Therefore, it is important to know how you have to do it to achieve it easily.

A little later I will tell you how that combo should be.

  • Ditch the Sugar

Did you know that we should not eat more than 25 grams of sugar a day?

The problem is that we think we only ingest sugar when we intentionally add it to something, but we don’t.

There are thousands of products that contain it, like fried tomato, for example.

To reduce this amount, make sure that it does not appear in the list of ingredients to reduce its consumption. This will mean that, if you ate too many things with sugars, by leaving them you will lose weight quickly, but the best thing is that you will not regain it if you continue to eat well.


  • Read Labels

In the line of natural foods that we have seen a moment ago, it is important to read the labels if you want to lose weight in a healthy way.

Only by reading the labels will you know what you are really eating, because what you put on the front of the product does not always correspond to what it actually carries.

By reading them you will leave behind the processed ones and you will focus on those more natural foods.

A quick and easy trick is to buy foods that contain less than 5 ingredients on your list, with this you are discarding many foods easily.

Then check that it does not contain sugar (or if it does, it appears near the end), also check that there are no trans fats, hydrogenated, or palm oil. Nor is it any other oil other than olive or coconut oil.

In the case of foods with cereals or that contain flour, you have to indicate that at least 70% is of integral origin, if not, we cannot consider it that way.


  • Drink Water

It is important to drink water to stay hydrated and satiated. Did you know that sometimes thirst is confused with hunger? Make sure you drink 2 liters a day and keep hunger at bay.


What To Avoid To Lose Weight.

  • Do Not Eat Protein For Breakfast.

By adding protein to breakfast you will achieve greater satiating power and activation of the metabolism.

Every time you consume protein, to digest it you spend 20% of the calories you have ingested. It is the food that has the greatest thermal effect.


  • Going Overboard With Salad Dressings

Eating salads are fine, but many times the dressing that we put on it subtracts all the intention you had when eating this dish by increasing the calories with it.

Make sure those dressings are not too caloric.

Here are some healthy, low-calorie dressing ideas for your salads.


  • Buy Any Light Food

When you want to lose weight you tend to buy light products, but these are a double-edged sword, considering them low in calories you tend to eat more, so in the end, you have consumed more calories than if it were the normal product.

It is preferable to eat the food as it is and not light because conserving its fat, will help you not to go hungry.


  • Eating Too Fast

In this age that we live, increasingly stressed, we eat faster without paying attention to what we eat. This causes you to overeat because you do not realize that you are satiated, so in the end, you will not lose weight.

Try to eat more slowly, chewing at least 10-15 times each bite, this will give your brain time to know when you are full and have to stop.


  • Banish Fats

Do not think that they are enemies, on the contrary, eating healthy fats keeps your satiety thermometer at the top, in addition to being necessary for the different processes of our body

I recommend that you go through this post to learn more about fat and weight loss.


  • Dining Too Late

By having dinner too late, you allow very few hours until breakfast for your body to recover, and if this does not happen, the hormone that stimulates the appetite goes out of control, it can also make you wake up the next day hungrier. the normal one.

Try to have dinner at least 2-3 hours before going to bed. And even better if you do it shortly after dark, this way you regulate the cycles of your body.


  • Accompany The Food With Something Other Than Water

There are people who usually eat with wine, soda, or even juices, but this only adds calories to your day-to-day, limit these drinks so as not to add calories without more.

And now that you know what to avoid if you want to lose weight, let’s see what you CAN do to achieve it.


What Foods To Eat To Lose Weight.

  • Legumes: Are you one of those who believes that a lentil stew is fattening? Relax, you are not the only one. Our mothers and grandmothers made those stews with fat, and therein lies the problem that we associate legumes with gaining weight, but turn the concept around and reduce those fats that are normally unhealthy and add vegetables. Some curried lentils with vegetables is a dish with a lot of flavors and many benefits.


  • The spices help to reduce the salt meals because the more flavor the dish and have come from spices, the less salt is adding. In addition, spices have properties that help you calm your appetite, give you energy, stimulate libido, anti-inflammatory, digestive. So, it is time to spice up your meals.


  • Healthy Fats. I will not tire of repeating it, fats are not enemies, you just have to choose well those that will be in your meals. Fats provide a lot of satiety and what more can you ask for when you are on a “diet” than not starving? Well, they fill you up, they satisfy you and don’t make you eat constantly. To do this, eat a portion of healthy fats at each meal, such as raw extra virgin olive oil, seeds, nuts, oily fish, and avocado.


  • Whole-Grain Carbohydrates. Following the previous line, whole carbohydrates are more satisfying than refined ones, in addition to providing much more fiber and controlling the insulin response in your body. Change everything you consume and be refined for its integral version, but be careful, remember to read the label carefully and that it contains at least 70% whole grain flours, if not, it will not be.


  • Before it was believed that eggs increased cholesterol, but scientific evidence has shown that this is not the case, only if you suffer from hypercholesterolemia do you have to control consumption, if not, you can eat one a day without problems. I have been eating eggs for breakfast practically every day for several years and my tests are normal. Eggs provide you with healthy fats and proteins, ideal for breakfast and not to arrive hungry for the next meal.


  • Chicken Breast. For me, one of the best proteins, along with eggs, to eat and lose weight. It is true that we associate the chicken breast with the typical diets in which you make it grilled and that is why we see it as something bland, but long live the imagination! Change the way you cook it, perhaps curry, in a salad with mustard, some fajitas with many vegetables, or breast stuffed with very chopped vegetables and cheese (if you take them to the oven you will see what a delight).


  • Vegetables: whether you want to lose weight or not, vegetables have to be present in your meals, they are the basis of a healthy diet. Apart from fiber, they provide minerals and vitamins necessary for your body. Don’t turn your back on them.


  • Oatmeal: although I was talking about whole carbohydrates before, and oats are included in that group, I want to make a special mention of this great ally in weight loss. Oatmeal is low in calories, controls appetite, high in fiber, diuretic, provides antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. If you want to know more benefits you can read this article. Include it in your breakfast along with the egg and nuts and you will have a perfect satiating combo.

How to lose weight and keep it off later?

Doing it as I mentioned before, put aside diets to focus on small habits that you can change.

Reduce the consumption of ultra-processed foods, increase vegetables, replace refined flours and cereals with whole-grain versions, eliminate sugar consumption.

Choose more natural foods and eat according to the perfect dish.

With these small changes, you establish a healthy lifestyle, a better diet that will make you lose weight and not regain it later, thus forgetting about the rebound effect forever.

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