how to stay motivated to lose weight

How To Stay Motivated To Lose Weight

Every time you’ve dieted and quit, didn’t you blame your lack of motivation?

Don’t worry, it’s not you alone, thousands of people abandon the diet and say that the problem was that it was difficult for them to stay motivated to lose weight.


But do you know that there is a solution for that? Yes, and it is looking for your reason to lose weight.

That easy.


When you are looking for a reason to do something, in this case, lose weight, you are going to do everything possible to achieve it, don’t you think?

That motive acts as a reward.

People who have managed to lose weight, know that searching and being clear, and present the real reason for losing weight has taken them further than when they did not have it.


Some internal motivators for wanting to lose weight are usually:

  • Self-love: wanting to be healthier, happier.
  • Love for others: teaching healthy habits to your family, inspiring others to lead healthier lives.
  • Pain: if you have health problems and want to improve them, or simply avoid the time when weight hurts you.


Lately, we live so disconnectedly from ourselves due to the load of professional and personal tasks that we have that it is impossible for us to sit and listen to what our insides are saying.

Listening to yourself has many benefits such as knowing where you want to go, what are your most real emotions, knowing what you want and need. In short, when you connect with your interior, it acts as a compass and shows us the way.


Therefore, if you want to overcome that belief that “I lack the motivation to follow a diet and lose weight” do the following.



1. Prepare a warm tea, this ginger tea is also rich and has many benefits for your health and your weight.

2. Sit in your favorite corner.

3. With pen and paper in hand, start making a list of everything you want to lose weight for.

Maybe it’s an upcoming wedding, your work in front of the public, feeling good about your body, improving your health, recovering your energy and vitality …

Write down everything that goes through your mind, without judging those thoughts.

Everyone has a different motive that moves us to do things and none is better than another, it is only typical of each one. So do not judge if it is superficial or not, if it is selfish or not, just put them on paper, because for you they are important.

4. After having that list, read those reasons one by one and write a number from 1 to 5 next to it as you feel more or less identified with it and it seems more important to you. Being 1 not very important and 5 is your highest priority.

5. Once you have scored them, make a new list with those that have a 5, and among them, find the most important for you, which is the main and most urgent right now.

You already have it?

6. The last step would be for that reason chosen, write it down on different papers and leave them for those places that you spend the most time in your house, another in the refrigerator and another in the mirror where you get ready every morning.

Other places to put that motif are on your mobile wallpaper, or a reminder a few minutes before eating.

7. Now, write yourself a kind of oath, a couple of paragraphs about what you are going to do, why you are committed to it, and read it out loud every morning.

How does being clear about your main motive help you to be more motivated to lose weight?

By keeping it in mind at every moment of your day-to-day, you become aware, you imagine yourself losing weight and achieving that reason you wanted.

The alarm will remind you before you start eating why you are taking care of yourself and losing weight, which makes you more aware of what you are going to eat.

In the mirror, it will remind you early in the morning why you have decided to make changes in your diet to lose weight.

You will know that you are fighting for a specific goal and not as abstract as “lose weight”.


What if I miss one day?

Apart from writing and recognizing what your deepest motive is, you have to bear in mind that there is something that greatly influences motivation and that is having the feeling of having failed at some point.

When this happens, when you eat something that is not too healthy when you are following a plan and you skip it one day, keep in mind that nothing happens, this is not failing, this is being human.

And it is to create a habit, because remember that the only thing that works to lose weight is to change habits, it is not something perfect and there will always be moments in which it will be more difficult to fulfill it.

Just remember to resume the habits at the next meal, the next time.


If I lose motivation, how do I get motivated again?

If a day suddenly comes when you lose motivation again, the first thing to do is realize this and acknowledge it.

Perhaps other things have appeared that brought you more excitement than what you were doing up to now.

At this moment, it is when you have to take action again and remember again why you were doing it and what led you to do it.

Perhaps you are no longer so motivated because precisely that reason you had written has lost strength and you would have to repeat the ritual again to find what moves you now.


Put these tips into practice and you will see how your motivation increases as you become more aware of your motives and desires for which you want to lose weight.

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