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My 5 Favorite Tools For Healthy Eating

Some of you have asked me what tools I have in the kitchen that help me to eat healthier.

That is why I wanted to put together this post to tell you what I use and what I do it for.

Let’s go there.


Measuring Spoons and Cups:

They are essential when it comes to wanting to lose weight.

With these cups, you can measure the amount of each of the foods you are going to eat.

They are especially useful for carbohydrates and fats, as they are the ones to be most careful with if you want to lose weight.

I also use them for baking, so that the measurements are exact.


Ideal for making vegetable spaghetti, more specifically zucchini and carrots.

In order to eat a pasta-like dish without worrying about whether you are eating a lot of carbohydrates.

Sometimes for dinner, I make a textured soy bolognese and add it to these spirals. A delicious dish for dinner.

Healthy Ice Cream Maker:

Who does not want ice cream on a hot afternoon? I think we all feel like eating one from time to time.

Well, with this machine you can enjoy ice cream every day, isn’t it great?

Some Mixing Ideas:

  • banana and strawberries.
  • banana and mango.
  • banana and peach.
  • banana and berries.

The banana is to give the ice cream more creaminess.

What combinations can you think of?

Ice Cream Molds:

If you are one of those who prefer to eat ice cream on a stick instead of a spoon, there are also silicone molds that go very well.

These I bought this summer and I am very happy. The only downside is that you have to buy sticks when they wear out.

To use them, you have to freeze the fruit and then pass it through a blender until it has a creamy texture. The mold is filled, the stick is put and to the freezer again.

A mixture that has been very popular at home is banana, Greek yogurt, and peanut butter.

It is delicious.

Glass Blender:

I use it a lot, a lot.

For sauces, to mash stir-fries, for ice creams, for nut butter, hummus …

I have a MyCook but I hardly use it compared to the mixer.

I have the mixer on one of the countertops and it is always at hand, on the other hand, I have the MyCook in the pantry and I am lazy to have to take it out and put it away. So blender shot almost always.

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