importance of sunglasses

Sunglasses And The Importance Of Protecting Your Eyes

Just like you take care of your skin with sun protection, it is important to provide a defense barrier for your eyes. According to the World Health Organization, more than 3 million people a year experience vision incidents due to direct and excessive sun exposure.

Therefore, it is essential to protect your sight with glasses and a cap or hat avoiding the impact of UV rays. What is important to keep in mind? We share some tips that will be of great help.

Light Eyes Are The Most Sensitive

Although lenses are necessary for all types of eyes at any time of the year, people with light eyes suffer more from sun exposure and, therefore, must take better care of themselves. This is because dark eyes filter rays better.


The Youngest, Also Protected

 It is essential to take special care with the eyes of children as they are much more sensitive to the damaging effects of the sun. In addition to putting on a cap, it is advisable that they wear glasses suitable for their age to avoid the discomfort of clarity and prevent injuries.


The lenses must be approved

 When buying them, it is essential to do it in authorized places that meet the quality controls and requirements to ensure that they are suitable and safe for your health. In addition, they must have a UV filter to block radiation and it is recommended that they have a polarizing filter to eliminate reflections and improve visual quality.


Take Care Of Your Eyes All Year Round

 In summer it is more common to feel the need to carry your lenses everywhere due to the increase in sun exposure and the intensity of light. However, they are equally necessary for all seasons of the year whether while walking, doing sports, or spending time outside.

By practicing these simple tips and choosing the right lenses, you can take care of your eyes and health every day by enjoying quality time outdoors. And you, how do you protect yourself from the sun?

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